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Yubikey #1 Security Key to use in 2020

In a recent article TechRadar picked the Yubikey as the #1 Security Key to use in 2020, as well as #3, #5 and #8.

While app- or SMS-based 2FA is better than nothing – a physical hardware-based security key, which once inserted into a computer or mobile device grants the user instant access to services using a button or keypad – can offer a higher grade of security without waiting for a code to be beamed to a device.

Security keys are based on the FIDO U2F Open authentication standard. They’re inexpensive and available in a variety of connection types and standards including USB-A and USB-C, in addition to Bluetooth and NFC. Developed by Google and security company Yubico, U2F today protects a number of recognisable internet companies – including Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox. Github and, in addition to the UK government. recently chose the best 8 security keys to use in 2020, and of those 8 keys, the Yubikey 5 NFC took the #1 place, the YubiKey 5C a close #3, and the YubiKey 5Ci for all the Apple users out there, the #8 spot.

“Manufactured by Yubico, codeveloper of the FIDO U2F open authentication standard used by many security keys, the YubiKey 5 is in a safe pair of hands when it comes to securing your devices. As its name suggests, it works using USB-A (or USB-C using an adapter) or NFC and offers out-of-the-box compatibility with many services – including Google Chrome, Facebook, Dropbox, LastPass, 1Password and more. The YubiKey 5 is compact, durable, and light – and it’s even waterproof. Sporting a black-and-gold design, it’s one of the best security keys to show off attached to a keyring.”

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