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Yubico Study on working from home

Yubico and 451 Research did a 2021 study on how working from home has impacted MFA adoption by various industries.

With remote work as the new normal, enterprises have increased spend and adoption of authentication technologies. But are they still underestimating the threat landscape?

In partnership with 451 Research, Yubico surveyed 200 executive management, senior IT management, mid-level management, senior security and risk staff, and senior risk staff in verticals such as technology, financial services, education, professional services, retail and the government sector. The survey captured data from respondents representing companies with 1-10,000+ full-time employees.

The study aims to uncover and understand preferences and adoption trends with respect to multi-factor authentication in the enterprise.

Download the full report to gain unique insights into:

  • How a remote workforce has impacted MFA spend and aptitude
  • Drivers and obstacles for MFA adoption
  • How enterprises are tackling a passwordless future
  • MFA trends and differences among diverse user personas, industry verticals, and organization sizes

Click here to fill in your details on the Yubico website and download the report on the Yubico study on working from home.

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