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Updates on YubiKey Bio

YubiKey Bio

Today, we are excited to share some updates regarding the next highly-anticipated members of our YubiKey family: the upcoming YubiKey Bio in both USB-A and USB-C form factors. The YubiKey Bio will be the first product to introduce biometric capabilities (in addition to PIN) to our portfolio of YubiKeys. 

Yubico has been considering adding biometrics to our line of security keys for quite some time, and while biometric authentication seems straightforward at first, there is quite a lot of engineering to get it right and meet the standards that people have grown to expect from a YubiKey. A great piece of hardware does not live in isolation; it needs to work with a larger ecosystem to be usable. When we launch new products, we set the highest bar for security, usability, durability, and design, and we do everything in our power to not compromise on any of these traits.

The FIDO-enabled YubiKey Bio is currently in private preview, being tested and reviewed by many of our enterprise customers and technology partners. We have received excellent feedback on our product designs, and now our goal is to further ensure that the overall user experience is smooth with a wide range of platforms and FIDO-based use cases.

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