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Twitter supports security key protection mobile devices

Good news! Twitter announced that accounts protected with a hardware security key can now also log in from their iPhone or Android device. Security Key protection on Twitter accounts was previously only possible via desktop, but Twitter now also supports security key protection on mobile devices.

With native WebAuthn support throughout the Twitter platform, you can register and use a USB-, NFC-, or Lightning-compatible security key, like the YubiKey, directly from your mobile phone to secure your account.  

Adding a YubiKey as your primary authenticator introduces the highest level of security and convenience to your Twitter accounts, regardless of device and platform. Once a YubiKey is registered, you will be asked to either touch or tap your key to verify that it is you accessing your account.

Once authenticated, you may also have the option to make your device a trusted one by selecting “remember this device”, so your app login experience will be as simple as opening the Twitter app before tweeting away. You will only be prompted to use your YubiKey again when you log in to Twitter from a new device, which will only require a simple touch. 

To take advantage of these new features on your account, check out the latest video:

Want to use a mobile device as a back-up? Set up a second YubiKey with your Twitter account using Yubico Authenticator, our time-based one-time password (OTP) app for desktop, Android, and iOS. We highly recommend disabling SMS after a security key and authenticator app are enabled to ensure maximum security. 

The Yubico Authenticator works like other time-based OTP apps with one major difference—instead of your credentials residing on your phone, they stay secured on your YubiKey and stay with you. 

Getting a new phone or laptop over the holidays? Not a problem. Yubico Authenticator eliminates the frustration of manually re-enrolling services with your authenticator app when you use a new device. All you need to do is plug in or tap your YubiKey while using Yubico Authenticator to generate your codes. 

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