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The Importance of Online Security

YubiKey 5C NFC

“Online security is insanely important and often neglected, up until the point of being too late. Take action now with a YubiKey by Yubico and save yourself from a major headache later.” Check out this great video by Qwazyd0gg on the importance of online security and his take on the YubiKey!

“Each year I find myself doing more and more online. Online banking, financing, running my YouTube channel, investing, checking email, and so much more. The downfall is that each one of those tasks has the potential to be compromised, or worse, spreading that compromise into other applications or online services. Far too often do I see and hear of people using the same password for multiple accounts, using simple passwords, and not adding an extra layer of protection between their information and those who want it for their own. Two Factor Authentication or 2FA for short has for years been an easy and viable solution. With creative workarounds for SMS 2FA like SIM Swaps, SIM Take-Overs, and false line Port-Outs, it appears that SMS 2FA may not be enough in 2020.

That’s where the YubiKey by Yubico comes in. The YubiKey comes in a variety of shapes and sizes; however, the underlying goal is the same… To provide a physical barrier between you and your information from would-be intruders. It does this by acting as a physical 2FA device, meaning when an unknown source tries to access your information, it not only needs your password, but it also needs your YubiKey as a second point of communication. This is something that a would-be intruder just would not have unless he or she physically stole it from you.

If you do anything of value online, you owe it to yourself to at least explore an alternate method of keeping your information safe. Even if you do not make purchases online, your information can still be at risk.”

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