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Strong Security in mobile-restricted areas

“Mobile-restricted” describes any sensitive environment where mobile devices are not allowed, are not reliable or must be limited because of security concerns. Nearly every organization has a use case, such as call centers, factory floors, shared workstations and many others, where using mobile devices is either not permitted or not possible. And, the steady stream of cybercrimes covered in the news recently have pushed security teams to think more strategically about how to protect these sensitive workspaces. So how can you have strong security in mobile-restricted areas?

The YubiKey is purpose-built for security and offers phishing-resistant MFA, and has been proven repeatedly to be more secure than SMS, mobile authentication and other legacy MFA methods. With the YubiKey you can experience:

  • 0 account takeovers
  • 4x faster logins
  • 92% fewer support incidents

Learn more about how your users can stay secure with hardware-backed security, when using the phone for authentication is not even an option:

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