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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy YubiKeys online in South Africa?

Look no further! We are the #1 premium online reseller for YubiKeys in South Africa. You can buy your YubiKeys fast and secure in our webshop.

Do you keep stock in South Africa?

Yes we do!! We receive regular shipments from Sweden, so there is no need to pay additional import duties and wait for weeks when ordering from overseas. You can buy your YubiKeys fast and secure in our webshop at very competitive ZAR rates, with overnight deliveries to all the major cities in SA.

Which YubiKey do I need?

In general, it is a choice between USB-A or USB-C (depending on the port on your laptop or desktop) and the possibility for the use of NFC capabilities. The YubiKey comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. This quick quiz will help you discover which YubiKey best suits your needs.

What are the delivery fees?

The delivery fees are R120 per parcel up to 2 kg throughout South Africa, with an overnight delivery to all the major cities and 48 hours to the outlying areas (also see delivery times below).

What are the delivery times?

In general (provided in stock), if you order before 11 am your order will still go out the same day, for delivery the following day to all the major cities in SA. If you live in an outlying area count on 48 hrs. If you order after 11 am your order will be dispatched the following day. There are no deliveries over weekends, so if you order after 11 am on Thursday your order will most likely only go out on the following Monday (for safety reasons we prefer that parcels are not kept at depots over weekends).

What are the advantages of YubiKey?

Balancing security and usability has always been a challenge. Software authentication, including passwords, sms and mobile apps are all increasingly vulnerable to malware and hackers. And the more (traditional) secure hardware authentication solutions are difficult to use and deploy. The YubiKey changes this. Learn more.

What does 2-factor or multi-factor authentication mean?

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA or two-step verification) is a method to confirm a user’s claimed online identity by using a combination of two different types of factors. A password is typically considered one factor, and with 2FA that is combined with another factor to increase login security. Read more here.

Can I use the YubiKey as a Smart Card?

Yes, the YubiKey has Smart Card capabilities. The 5-series YubiKeys (YubiKey 5 NFC, YubiKey 5 Nano, YubiKey 5C NFC YubiKey 5C, YubiKey 5Ci and YubiKey 5C Nano) provide Smart Card functionality based on the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) interface specified in NIST SP 800-73, “Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Sizes for PIV”.

Which services are supported with my YubiKey?

Great question! Your YubiKey will work instantly with hundreds of services; for a complete and up to date list please go here

Do you offer discounts on larger orders?

Yes! We offer small discounts on orders of 10+ YubiKeys, and better rates on orders of 50+ YubiKeys. Please email us for a specific quotation and delivery fees on larger orders.

Should I get a back-up YubiKey?

Great question! Think of your YubiKey as you would any other key. The importance of having a spare key is well established. We have them for our most valuable assets in life – our houses, our cars, our PO and safety deposit boxes, etc. Well, not surprisingly, we also need spare keys for our digital devices! For more info, go here.

Where can I get help with my YubiKey?

There is much information on the Yubico website, but it can appear a bit daunting if you are a novice. The easiest way to familiarise yourself with your YubiKey is to watch a few video’s on Yubico’s YouTube channel. Another great help is their support page with many video’s and articles. If you are really stuck then I recommend you log a query and chat online with one of Yubico’s technical support staff, they are great!